Finding Aloha the movie launched it’s long awaited premier on October 10th at the Dole Cannery Theater. As my wife and I rolled up in our limo with my associate Phil Waller, editor David Irwin, tow partner Mark Anderson and his wife Renae’, there wasn’t any red carpet to step on but there was the smiling face of our good friend and chopper pilot Nick Geranio and his wife Nicki to welcome us to the big event.
My nervous energy at the theater seemed quiet surreal and I was overwhelmed by the huge turn out of over 360 people which sold out the theater. You never know how your movie is going to be perceived. By the sound of all the powerful positive comments I believe most people really enjoyed our movie, which was a big relief.
The after party at Aloha Towers was a big smash with the awesome music of the band Plumpus. The party raged on in to the late evening but everyone made it home safely.
I want to thank every one who helped make it possible to bring our dream to reality. It takes a strong team of people to complete a film project like this one.